Vnderworld - Cyber Demon

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AI Generated CyberPunk Visual Soundscape: Part 1
Created with Stable Diffusion Deforum
1080 x 1920

Cyber Demon aims to create an immersive audio/visual experience with visuals completely generated from AI. A new type of storytelling.

This is the first clip of a multi-part Cyberpunk short story. New clips will be added periodically to the Ć̷͠y̶͊͝b̴̊̇͂́̑e̸rD̴̝̘͌̀̉̓̍͜e̷͒m̶̒̾̈́̑ő̷̕n̶̿̇̆́s Collection as the story unfolds.

Deep beneath the sewer tunnels the Cyber Demon began her metamorphous into an untraceable humanoid. A biotech body hack that turned her into, what's more prominently known as, a MetalBone.