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I held the frail little body of my soul companion in my arms... cold, stiff & unmoving. A hole in the ground is before me, calling out his name. I can't let go, I won't let go.
I have known no love as profound as with you, not bound by something as trivial as blood, or even species. Take me with you, wherever you go. I will lie here until your flesh melts away and nourishes the earth. I curse my skeptic heart, for I wish I could believe that if I lied here long enough, till nothing but my carcass remained, that you'd come back to me and greet my aching soul. Then you'd take me to a place where we're not bound by the deadlines of this shell, so I could feel the warmth of your fur in my arms to the rhythm of your soft purrs for eternity. People speak to me, oblivious to this abyssal grief. I don't know them, they don't know me. My place is with you. Call for me wherever you are & take me with you.

  • to my boy, Atom

4500 x 5786px
300 DPI
Digitally painted