Savior Complex

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This must be divine intervention
I fell into your way
I could see your wounds like no other
Without me, you'd be astray

Rest your worn out soul here
My arms can be your sanctuary
I am made of light & love
There's no burden I couldn't carry

I can be what you need me to be
To feel needed is my need
I'll persevere through a thousand cuts
I do not care if I bleed

I was put on earth to rescue the hurt
To unburden you from this pain
To fulfill this purpose is crucial
Without it, I exist in vain

The savior complex occurs when a person only feels good about themselves when they are helping others.
It can be a way to compensate for a sense of powerlessness or lack of control.
The person is prone to having a sense of moral superiority & the belief that no one can save others like they can.

In terms of relationships, this kind of thinking often leads to enabling behavior & co-dependency.

Hand painted in Procreate & Photoshop

3200px X 4000px
300 DPI