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There is a chill in the air
The humankind feels hostile
A whiff of my putrid soul
Pitiful, bitter & vile

Arms reaching out to strangle me
Turn into a comforting embrace
I was mistaken, after all
I do belong, I have a place

The whispering voices in my head
I cannot tell from friend to foe
This letter of love, a paper cut
My companion, I do not know

The world is labyrinthine
I do not see in grey
A magnificent, lush garden
A carcass on decay

Splitting is a psychological mechanism which allows a person to tolerate difficult and overwhelming emotions by seeing them as either good or bad, idealized or devalued. This dichotomous way of thinking is most commonly found in BPD but can also be seen in other mental health conditions such as depression.

Hand painted in Procreate & Photoshop

3200px X 4000px
300 DPI