Nye County, Nevada, U.S.A. (1996)

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Pahrump, Nye County, Nevada. Art Bell’s radio studio. 1996. An anonymous Army Sergeant begins mailing late night radio host Art Bell metals and a story alleging the recovery, involving the mailer’s grandfather, of a downed wedge-shaped craft in the late 1940s in New Mexico’s White Sands Proving Ground. The samples were taken off the glowing underside of the craft. The pieces are curved and tapered, composed of layers of alternating bismuth and magnesium-zinc.

For decades, people around the world have reported sightings of UFOs, sometimes accompanied by artifacts allegedly left behind. Some of these have been submitted to laboratories for analysis, with the data now available for conceptual analysis.

50% of each sale will benefit the study of recovered artifacts through the Future Folklore ecosystem of frontier research and technology. For sources see: futurefolklore.tech

320x240x4, 360 frames, 16 colors, GIF as mp4 27,5mb