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Lake Bosomtwe was created by a meteoroid that hit Ghana’s Ashanti Region approximately one million years ago - making it the only natural lake in Ghana and one of few meteoritic lakes in the world. It is an extremely peaceful place surrounded by dirt roads, small villages and mountainous terrains.

After lockdown measures relaxed in Ghana, my partner and I started exploring the magic that she has to offer. We were often the only ‘tourists’ that people had seen in over six months since the borders had been closed due to Covid. It gave us the chance to see Ghana in ways that many travelers have never seen - beaches bare, hotels empty, and with people making unlikely connections.

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Nea Onnim | From the proverb, "When he who does not know learns, he gets to know." - The Adinkra Symbols Project

Lake Bosomtwe
Ashanti Region


Created by Alexxa Walker