Endless Union

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This collaborative work by Thai artist Pouwanat and Mexican/Dutch artist Emsar is inspired by the endless knot or eternal knot symbol.
It is one of the eight auspicious symbols of Tibetan Buddhism, a set of symbols that represent good fortune.
This work strives to represents the interconnection of all things and how everything is connected to one another.
It depicts a fusion of Emsar’s geometric and balanced abstract art together with Pouwanat’s serene and spiritual Thai contemporary art.
The artwork makes use of the harmonious Kranok pattern which depicts the inner soul’s connection with spiritual infinity.
Various gem-like eyes throughout the work stand for the windows of the soul, which endlessly wander in an abstract chaos of union, it’s an interconnection of the artists’ soul and art.

Based on original work of acrylic color on canvas 60x60 cm.
Digital Print Size: 6000*6032 px , jpeg.