Good friends are always there when you need them. You don't have to meet them often or be in constant contact because they support us without reservations. You often lose yourself in everyday life, only rarely hearing and seeing each other. But when we are in trouble and need help, they are always there for us. They don't ask for anything and don't expect anything in return. They are a pillar in our lives and always have our back.

They are like this fire hydrant, hidden in the tall grass and blended in almost invisibly with its surroundings. He doesn't impose himself and stays modestly in the background. Even so, he is always there and immediately ready to help.

It is so precious to have such people in our lives, and we need to appreciate those relationships. They make many things easier simply because they are there when you need them most. Good friends never push themselves to the fore, they just want to be there for us.

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