There are two directions and two sides and you encounter both variants in our society.

Powerful or well-known personalities exert their influence on us. They control us, they tell us what to think and how to act. We become part of a mass of equals, feel comfortable among equals, don't attract attention. We are part of the big game and hope for the goodwill of those at the top. Where does this path lead us? Are we being influenced positively or negatively?

On the other hand, we can also be inspired. We have idols from whom we learn and with whom we grow. We discover new horizons and new values; we develop and can surpass ourselves. Idols can help us to develop new creativity, but we also adapt to them more and more. What will become of us? Is it a positive or negative inspiration?

They're different in shape and size, but these two fire hydrants really show me how we can rub off on each other.

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