Mothballs, Cement, Pomegranate

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"It smells like mothballs, cement, black tea, pomegranate, freshly cut cactus, stable and a bit of lotus root. Its texture is very slime-y but in a good way."

"It's a specific part of anxiety that strikes me in this piece, it really captures the sort of mental inner storm rather than the worry. Like the seed of a panic attack. Almost."

These were the exact words of @JahnuNyamu , a fellow artist I met on Twitter, and a synesthete who can "smell" art.

This was never meant to please you. This was meant to overwhelm, confuse, and even make you slightly anxious.

It's many different things at the same time. It hits you all at once. It rattles you. It makes you uncomfortable.

This is my best interpretation of what goes on in an anxious mind. And I deal with it everyday, with my wife's depression.

If this makes you uncomfortable, imagine having a mental illness and having to struggle with it everyday.

A little kindness can go a long way.

Mental Health Matters.