Portal to Infinity — Visionary Psychedelic Art

Minted on Jul 21, 2021
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The painting was made of nails and threads stretched over them in the form of this sacred symmetrical pattern. This art form is called string art. Basis: penoplex — a porous, but solid material, on top is a layer of black foam board, a wooden frame at the edges of the picture, mounts for hanging. The creation of this type of art is quite laborious and took a total of 5 days.

After creating the artwork in three-dimensional reality, it was photographed in ultraviolet lights to obtain a special shade of threads and then carefully digitized by gluing the parts together in a graphics editor.

The fractal mandala fills the contemplative with harmony, calmness and tranquility. Clear and voluminous structures are pleasing to the eye, and bright colors energize.

Image size is 7193x5117px, 254 dpi. Can be printed and used for deco of various spaces — home interiors, clubs or festivals.

We are proud of the result and we hasten to share it with you, friends!