HUMANS #03 - Andrea Torrei

Minted on Apr 29, 2022


Andrea Torrei, Babile, Ethiopia 2019

Andrea Torrei (1967) is an Italian photographer based in Rome, Italy. For several years, she has worked with associations and NGOs to help women and children.
Her work often brought her to travel abroad, and she has formed close relationships with locals through a deep immersion in their cultures.
In street and documentary photography, Andrea Torrei has an approach that involves a connection with her subjects. Women are often present in her work and take center stage in her projects.

“Humans” features some of the world's leading street photographers, each with their own take on reality. The collection combines virtual and physical art in perfect harmony. Indeed, the NFT will be paired with a Hahnemühle Fine Pigment Art Print of dimensions 70x50 cm signed by the author, unique in the world. Eyeshot will send the fine art print directly to the first owner of the digital token.