I'm selling my right to vote as an NFT

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I'm selling my r̶i̶g̶h̶t̶ t̶o̶ vote as an NFT

Global south countries often have been subjected to exploitation for economic profit , our democracies have been manipulated by multinational companies and foreign governments to the best interest of them (Banana Massacre in 1928,
Operation Condor on South America )

Now with blockchains we can regulate corruption and free our country from those powers and release it into the free market competence.
My vote is an asset and our democracy it's just another company for the wealthy north market.

A joke about how crypto market it's just a shift of power, inequality prevails on undeveloped countries still surrendered to global economy...

EN - I'm selling my right to vote in Colombia as an NFT, whoever posses this NFT can decide my vote in elections of any kind

ES - Vendo mi derecho al voto en Colombia como un NFT, quien posea este NFT puede elegir mi voto en cualquier elección estatal

ZH - 我在哥伦比亚的投票权作为 NFT 出售
拥有这个 NFT 的人可以在任何州选举中投票