Karakal Desert

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Here is the amazing "Karacal" desert in the center of Iran.

Karakal Desert is also known as Sadegh Abad Desert. This desert has been the habitat of a kind of beautiful cat named Karakal since the past and this is the reason for the reputation of this desert in center of Iran.

This photo is the result of 10 years of photography and travel to the desert areas of Iran. Hot and impassable deserts that sometimes reach 70 degrees Celsius.

Desert photography can be a poetic art. The depth and silence within the photos undoubtedly invites the audience to ponder and reconsider the hidden corners of nature. In desert photos you can see the dynamic dialogue between lines and curves. Delicate and moving lines moving from side to side, this dialogue between the lines helps to highlight the contrasts, the contrast between the light and the darkness of the things that are moving and the things that are still.

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