Celestial Being S03

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Subject 03 is a ferocious reptilian/humanoid creature which derives from a planet inhabited by numerous types of creatures, from dinosaur-like and mammal-like to somewhere in between. The specimen hunts smaller creatures similar to the apes found on earth and can also hold its own against much larger predators thanks to its toughness, strength and agility. The creatures vision is thermal as the planet is mostly dark except for small areas where light reaches as the planet is blocked out by another planet in its solar system. The creature has evolved with photosynthesis as originally emerging in volcanic outlets deep below the oceans it created its own light. Its skeletal system is harder than other creatures on the planet as the pressure deep below has made it evolve bones and tissue as dense as metal. The subject lives mostly alone until the mating season when it joins other members of its species. After it mates and lays a type of egg it moves on to continue its solemn existence.