Tipping Point of View

Minted on Jan 21, 2022
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Animated painting from my ‘Getting Lost in the Beauty of Chaos’ exhibition at KochxBos Gallery in Amsterdam.

How many times we have been told lately that art and culture are 'not essential'?

But, isn't it actually wonderful that, in a society where everything seems to revolve around efficiency and Excel sheets, we also have something to trigger our imagination?
Something allowing us to get lost in our dreams - about how things could be, rather than focusing on everyday reality - about how things are.

Experiencing art is a moment of rest for our brains to chill out in nowadays continuous whirlwind of millions of links and stimuli.

Instead of disappearing into the greyness of everyday’s news, while zapping every channel on your TV, you better grab this moment to dive into these paintings and zap along your own inner consciousness.