Every Body Is A Beach Body

Minted on Sep 30, 2021
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This is a digital representation of the physical Xenon #NeonArt, "Every Body Is A Beach Body".

💪 As the only female #NeonPractitioner in the male-dominant and dangerous neon industry in Hong Kong🧑🇭🇰, I hope to empower and enhance #FemaleCapability through my work.

🏖 With a collective of international women’s bodies images collected amongst my friends, I wish to feature their bodyscapes and express the idea of “Every body is a beach body” through an organic heart shape achieved from #GlassBlowing and #NeonBending.

💖 The work celebrates all kinds of #FemaleBodies despite the shape and skin colour. The heart shape also illustrates #SelfLove and the #courage from those women who submitted their images on a different level of self-confidence in their bodies.

🥇The original physical piece is also the first Xenon neon art in HK (It is also the gas that creates the unique wiggly effect!) and exhibit at Karen Leung Foundation's ExtraOrdinary Exhibition at Soho House HK in Oct 2021 💖