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AI Glitch Scapes marks the next step in my almost 30 years of creating art and 10 years as a photographer.
It is a crossover of my photographic work, AI art and glitch art. It is a move to break the chains of the established rules in photography.
I use AI to open up a new universe of possibilities. It feels like working with an assistent. I just have to explain what I want and it makes the changes.
But thats not enough. It's just the first step of a long process.
A photograph of my fiancée in a beautiful old town in France, is the base of the whole piece.
I use it to guide the AI along with some text prompts to generate some AI renders. In the next step I use Photoshop to merge dozens of AI renders together and bring them to life in After Effects.

The Story:
Whenever I walk through the streets of old towns I feel like I am exploring the past. I always imagine how it was like to live there in the past. Every step I take I am standing on a spot where millions of other people have already been. I ask myself who was it? What have they done? How was their life?
I constantly jump from the present to the past in my mind.
Just exactly how the glitches are jumping from the AI to the original and sketch painting version.
This is what I try to visualize in this artwork.

Creating these kind of artworks was a feeling of freedom which I was searching for many years.
I still love to take photographs, and will never stop. But in pieces like this, I am able to showcase my deepest self.
It helps me to express myself in a way like never before.