Epic of Alp Er Tunga

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This heroic recreation of Alp Er Tunga’s Epic will now be forever immortalized in this collaborative piece; a combination of 4K, hand-drawn art, original music composition, extraordinary vocals & animation, all presented in the innovative NFT format.

Alp Er Tunga was a figure of great admiration & regard among the Turkish nobles. His multifaceted virtues like his formidable knowledge, astute perception & strategic war abilities were only matched by his numerous talents.

The Iranian Epic, Shahnameh bears witness to him (Afrasyab) solidifying his exceptional worth even in the eyes of other nations.

The Wolf is the avatar of Turks that never surrenders, never can be captured and always hunt with packs under the leadership of Alpha

All together this NFT piece praises Ancient Turkic Hero Alp Er Tunga and his brave people, immortalize his bravery & wisdom forever

Technical :

Extraordinary Vocals by @AllFlyStudios
4K, handdrawn Art,
Original Music Composition,
Animation (all by me)