Atmonez - Health-Tech Watcher

Minted on Jun 22, 2022
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The Health-Tech Watcher is another of the guards in this devastated and cyber-poisoned world.
His job is to restore & protect your neural implants, which are responsible for your thoughts, actions, and goals for the future. Many cruel cyber gangs have always tried to seize control of your mind by injecting their viruses and flashing them into your neural implants to make you obey them. Don't give in to weakness and lose control of your most important module, contact your nearest neuromaster. Everything you need is already in your head, all you have to do is protect it. Turn on our newest module with the latest software to join the Watcher Squad, to find light where there can be none. Seek out a Watcher, become one yourself for someone close to you.

Music by Russell_this_is

Bio: Artem is inspired by science fiction: books, works of physics scientists, and movies. Despite the fact that these subjects are mostly dark, Artem tries to find something beautiful and bright in them.