A Wandering Wildling

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"Tonight, I caught a Wandering Wildling
Or by chance, she caught me
Together we melded
Two beings became one.

Four walls and a soft bed don’t make a home
For this Wildling, it is out there!
Beyond the walls of comfort
And beneath the shooting stars.

Our heart beats faster
Louder, drumming to its own music
Hiding the turmoil within
It yearns for rest.

The universe is above us.
Our feet choose the path below us
The darkness moves faster than light
The shadows need the moon to dance.

A Wandering Wildling has caught me
And I will not let her go."

This piece comes from the awakening of an artist’s soul. It holds more meaning than my other works as it is the first time I created an image entirely out of my head.

I have explored this world many times, camera in hand, searching for external inspiration. But for many years, I forgot to look inside myself . Wandering Wildling is a piece that reflects the abyss of imagination inside of me, and my first steps towards the light it holds.