The Naked Soul - L'âme nue - روح برهنه

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The Naked Soul

The naked soul is the awakened eye of the body.
From the fire temple of life, only the flames will remain.
The unclad body dies. The naked soul blossoms.
Blessed is our soul to unfold bare,
thus beauty stays alive

L'âme nue

L'âme nue est l'œil éveillé du corps.
Du temple du feu de la vie, seules les flammes resteront.
Le corps nu meurt. L'âme nue s'épanouit.
Béni soit notre âme de se dévoiler nue
Ainsi la beauté reste vivante

روح برهنه

چشم بیدار تن است
.روح عریان
پرتوی جاویدان
.زندگی ساز
که بمانَد، که بمانَد
عریان، زیبا به ابد

The original work was done in oil paints on canvas
NFT: 4800 X 3600 px
File size: 49.4 Mb
The painting is in the collection of the artist available for purchase.