The magic pill 💊  that call erc-721

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Blockchain is a decentralized
In this blockchain world 🌎
New things are happening every single day.

You get a bad day here sometimes.😧
And sometimes you have a good day too. .😆

Sometimes you are very happy because of what purchased and love, it goes to the moon. 🚀

yes .. The bad day is the other way around.👎

But we are leaning and have more experience!!
A project and idea can make someone very rich in a minute. 🤩

There was a project that brought you a new good friend.🤝

Some projects may make you respect somebody else before you know who they are.🤖

NFT art is a chance for everyone 👤
And also bring defi farmer, businessman, artists, and many people that is not easy to communicate in the same community in the real world .

ERC - 721 (NFT) is like a magic phill 💊
that can bring people so far away can be connected in party together 🥳 

Blockchain is awesome, new world is today.!!

love you all !! ❤️

Artwork , Music, Animated by Dojo Namwong