Neo Hong Kong - Nanking St

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I look at this picture and I revisit the same place on google streets just to realize how lucky I was to experience this beautiful sight before it got wiped out.

This was shot in Nanking St as a part of my first photography series of well beloved Asian cities. Heavily inspired by neo-noire film genre and cyberpunk worlds, I ventured into the bustling streets of Hong Kong trying to capture a blend of existential isolation, urban melancholy in a stylized dreamlike picturesque visualization while hunting for what's left of Hong Kong's iconic neon signs that bathed its streets with a hypnotic glow for generations.

The series was well received by media outlets and it was featured on many well-known websites like Abduzeedo, Ufunk, Fubiz, Be-street, theculturetrip, mymodernmet, Theultralinx, Hypeblaze, Vera's inflight magazine for Virgin Atlantic (June 2018) and many more.

You can find more about these series on my Behance page: www.behance.net/creatiflux