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by @zollo
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Solid, 1mm thick cast-brass matchbox measuring 2 ⅝” H x 1 ½” W x ¾” D.

Designed to hold strike-anywhere matches, this cast-brass matchbox is an elegant alternative to disposable lighters. With its integrated strike plate located at the bottom of the case, it’s also more satisfying to use.

Inspired by an antique found at a flea market in Paris, each case is created with a handmade wax mold. Every component is handmade in NYC, including the spring catch which closes the lid with a satisfying snap.

The oblong shape makes for a comfortable grip, and means the case can easily fit in one’s pocket. The case is made of solid, 1mm thick cast brass and has a polished finish that will develop its own unique patina over time.

Each piece comes with a 100% recycled paper box packaging handmade in Copenhagen.

Anthony Zollo

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This product is priced on Foundation’s “Curved” bonding curve. This curve is the mixture of both the Linear and Hype curves. It gives some more space for early supporters to get in, but then quickly ramps up in volatility halfway through the market.

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27 Aug

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