The Shape of Love

Minted on Oct 18, 2021
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In the image are two black swans interacting with each other at day break during courtship. As their heads meet each other, it forms the shape of a heart and hence the title.

Now what makes it special in the atmosphere surrounding the action. Perhaps one or two days in the whole year, in Dubai-UAE, we experience a transitionary mist around the city. However, no one can predict which day it happens. All of a sudden, the lake was covered in mist as the sun rose. Perfectly backlit by sun, the entire scene along with the black swans transformed into a magical moment. In my 8 years in Dubai, I have never before seen such a moment or have I seen it ever after. So this one is truly unique.

This image was an instant favorite among my followers. This image was also highly commended and published in the Bird Photographer of the Year Book 2021.

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