Crypto PopCan No. 1

Minted on Sep 26, 2021
Created by


What's more fun than generative art on cans in 3D?

Enter the CryptoPop Can series.

What makes them so special? Art within art. The art placed on the cans is my own generative art. Created through AI using fully generative on some pieces, and a human touch (parametric) on others.

Crypto PopCan No. 1 is full generative and is a piece called "Assembly" (also available as it's own NFT).

These pieces are not generated in a series of 10000 generated by code, instead they are using code generated art placed on the 3D cans and are in GLB format for whatever use you see. Add it to your own scene, collect cans and place them in your own virtual gallery.

Diana de Avila is an eclectic & prolific acquired savant artist & synesthete circa 2017 after worsening brain injury. "Soldier, Sister, Savant" is her story.


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