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In 2000 I made a performance video.
This was made in Adobe Flash4 frame by frame. Most of you probably don't know this software.
I was influenced big time by the artist John Cage back in the days. I loved the way he was thinking and making art his own.
I was at school in fine Arts and we had to do an exposé about some influences we had. So Instead I made a performance and a video to explain why i loved this artist.
The video was playing in the background as I was standing in front of it, holding a picture frame of 4'X4' around me. Standing still until the video was finished.
The performance itself wasn't really complicated but I wanted to show the class that we don't need to theorize for 20 min to explain how an artist can influence ourselves.
At the end of the video, I got back at my place and said nothing. The teacher came to see me after the class and said: "You have guts to present something like this as an exposé. I still don't know what to do with it but I'm impressed".



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