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ERROR - ZEDART Crypto. Unknown artist. I want to have time to tell a story. Neo religion. Error is our God.

A series of glitch art based on my collection of retro photos. In this series, the meaning of re-see is read immediately. We look at old photographs and see how errors arise in the era of computer technology. When they meet together, a beautiful new life is made up of mistakes. Codes and symbols that can be read always in a new way. Re-see and re-understand.

All errors start with an error, continue as an error, and end with an error. There is nothing but error and everyone is a part. Errors are the highest perfection.

By Unknown artist Eduard Zentsik - @ArtZentsik
Motion / mp4 / 1440x1080
#NFT #NFTcollectors #NFTCommunity



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