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17 Aug 2020

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This product is priced on Foundation’s “Curved” bonding curve. This curve is the mixture of both the Linear and Hype curves. It gives some more space for early supporters to get in, but then quickly ramps up in volatility halfway through the market.

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17 Aug

“My Apology” is from a series of animated GIF portraits that play with aspirational lifestyle aesthetics on YouTube and how digital content is monetized.

I’ve designed my market based on how YouTube creators are paid, versus what their videos make it seem like they earn. On YouTube, for about 1,000 views, creators earn $3-$5—so I’ve used this as the starting price for my pieces. Each piece’s end price was generated based on the total amount of money it would cost to buy everything shown in that GIF’s backdrop, raising questions around labor, performative behavior, and compensation.

Molly Soda


Molly Soda

Molly Soda is a visual artist working in video, installation, interactive art, performance and print media. She makes work for and about the Internet.

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