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Bats In The Attic Magic Print

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Bats In The Attic Magic Print


Trading at

Market Closing
02 Dec 2020
7:00 AM
05d 06h 44m 26s
If you own a token, please redeem it for the physical item, or sell it as soon as possible. After the deadline you will no longer be able to sell or redeem your token.

Market Information

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Curve Type


This product is priced on Foundation’s “Curved” bonding curve. This curve is the mixture of both the Linear and Hype curves. It gives some more space for early supporters to get in, but then quickly ramps up in volatility halfway through the market.

Starting Price


Market Launched

03 Nov



Malavida is Alycia Rainaud, a French Graphic Designer and Digital Artist based in Montréal, Canada. Inspired by Jungian therapy, color therapy, and formal creative exercises, her work explores life’s complexity and the feelings that arise from that reality through daily abstractions. Think of it—and her—as a tool for self-expression and a path to increasing emotional intelligence and mental health sensitivity.

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