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Learn how to create onchain galleries with Worlds.

Begin with building your curation brand.

Establish a curation identity.

A successful world is built upon a reputable curation brand. Maybe you have top-notch taste, or maybe you have deep relationships with other creators. Whatever the case may be, a successful curator is committed to establishing a long-lasting identity.

Examples of World curator brands

Making It

@MakingIt247 is a creator-led creative collective. What has started as an artist group chat has now become a force in collective exhibition.

Monolith Gallery

Monolith Gallery, founded by collector-turned-curator @chikai, was created on the idea of open curation and reimagining the gallery space.

Superchief Gallery

@SuperchiefGalleryNFT is a gallery with physical locations in NYC and LA. They’ve utilized Worlds with their IRL gallery space to streamline artwork sales.

Create a strong visual identity.

Establish a visual identity for your curation brand. Make sure to clearly identify yourself as a curator on your social media profiles. Providing clear context of your curation identity will reflect stronger on your curation practice, regardless whether you plan to build a curation business or not. Take inspiration from Ben, the curator of GM World — who commissioned one of his favorite artists to create an incredible brand identity for the World.

Define a concept for your World.

Make your curation concept crystal clear. Your audience should easily understand the context and why the artworks were curated together. Be sure to elaborate in your world’s description and tell the story as you share the world with others.

Examples of Worlds concepts


Curate a World specific to the subject within the work. INNER WORLD is a World focussed entirely on the subject of self-portrait.


Curate a World to highlight new and exciting techniques. ART X MACHINE is World featuring some of the best and up and coming artists leveraging AI in their work.


Curate a World based on your local community. JOGA BONITO is a World curated by @funginon, featuring an incredible selection of Brazilian artists.


Curate a World focussing in on a specific style of work. Open Skies is a World curated by @calfromthesky, featuring a beautiful selection of aerial photography.

Invite sellers into your World.

Build a powerful roster.

Your network is a crucial lever as a curator. We’ve found that the most successful worlds have a handful of high-profile creators and emerging artists. Creators with strong sales records and larger audiences can generate momentum and bring visibility to other creators in the world.

As a curator, you are personally vouching for the creators in your world. Discover emerging creators whose work you believe in by browsing Foundation and other artist-focused communities.

Find the right creators.

Connect with creators you’d like to include in your world by building relationships. Demonstrate your expertise or offer value with pricing advice, marketing and promotion, IRL events, or a network with collectors. Share how you can uniquely drive sales for their work. Successful curators have also found creators by starting an open call initiative for creators to submit to.

Drive sales in your World by connecting with collectors.

Create an engaging world.

Your world is a stage, so be sure to customize the name, logo, cover image, description and Home Tab of your world. The Home Tab is your chance to feature artworks that create a visual narrative aligned with your vision. Create a space that is intriguing visually and conceptually.

Launch with your creators.

A coordinated launch is crucial. Develop a comprehensive marketing plan and then work closely with the sellers in your world to pull it off. Consider sharing the launch date in advance across social media platforms, hosting Twitter spaces, or reaching out to friends and collaborators to share the announcement. The goal is to make the launch as impactful as possible.

Keep expanding your world.

Promote your world thoughtfully to collectors. There should be engagement after your world launches, so take care to create it. Clearly communicate the vision and concept behind the world to your audience, showcase the creations and the artists, host an event, and encourage your creators to promote their artwork as well. Engage with collectors in your extended network until all listed pieces in your world have sold.

Celebrate your collectors!

Connect with the collectors who have kicked off auctions in your world and engage in the communities you’re a part of! Encourage your collectors to share their thoughts behind your world and celebrate their collections. Build a community with your collectors by facilitating a space for them to gather, like a telegram group or discord server. Build strong long term relationships with your collectors and foster a supportive community.

Turn your curation into a sustainable business.

With sales generated from your curation efforts, you can reinvest in your brand, host in-real-life exhibitions, and partner with other creators. The possibilities are endless. What exciting things will you do with your earnings? The future is yours to shape.

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