Learn how to launch a drop on Foundation from creators who have done it best.

Start developing your creative concept.

Drops is a creator tool designed with unique features that allow you to create captivating moments for collectors.

It all starts with your
pre-reveal image.

Every Drop on Foundation starts with collectors minting NFTs with your pre-reveal image. This ensures fairness, allowing each collector to get an equal chance at collecting something special.
Examples of great pre-reveal images

Animated GIFs

Give potential collectors an exciting preview into the entire drop by sharing a selection of the NFTs with a GIF.

Loot Boxes

Lean into the reveal mechanic by designing your pre-reveal image like a playful loot box.


Hint at your final artwork with sketches, wireframes, or grayscale versions of your final assets.

Create a captivating moment with your reveal.

Once your drop is minting, you’re free to reveal your final artwork to the world. Collectors will have an entirely random chance to receive one of the unique pieces from your drop!

Tell a deeper story with attributes.

When you reveal your final artwork, you have the option to upload custom attributes to each NFT. By adding attributes, you can provide more context and depth to your work, increase uniqueness, and add an extra element of fun.



Eye Colour



Ultra Rare

Power Level




Use these unique features to put your best work forward!

You'll reach a wider audience with Drops, so bring your A-game. Cory Haber created his largest collection to date with his SOL drop. With his drop, Cory generated more sales than ever before and is now a full time practicing artist.

Go big.

We've designed Drops for large collections! Drops with hundreds or even thousands of NFTs generate more excitement, more trading, more community, and more fun. This all translates to more energy on the secondary market — take it from Yu Cai's Dragon Street drop.

It’s never too early to start promotion.

The momentum you build is crucial to the success of your drop. Tell the world about what you’re working on!

Start building momentum from day one.

Share your drop with your inner circle, friends, collaborators, peers as soon as possible. Get a sense of how excited people are before taking it to the public. Get feedback from your creator community asap.

Keep sharing your journey.

Successful creators promote their drop consistently. There should be excitement when your drop starts, so take care to create it. Explain the drop to your audience, share updates with your audience, give sneak previews of the artwork, host a Twitter Space. Keep the excitement going and maintain the momentum until your drop sells out.

Celebrate your collectors!

Connect with your collectors and engage in the communities you’re a part of. Encourage your collectors to share their thoughts behind your drop, facilitate collector conversations by tagging your collectors, and thank your collectors. Build strong relationships with your collectors and foster a supportive community around your drop.

Pricing is important, make sure you have a plan.

Know your existing market.

When determining the price of your drop, take into account your previous pieces, your current collectors, and the current market. See how other creators have priced their drop.

Aim to sell out your drop!

A thriving secondary market can’t emerge from your drop until it sells out, so think about making your price accessible to attract new collectors to your community. Consider listing at a price that allows collectors to collect multiple pieces. Remember, you’ll earn royalties each time a NFT is resold on Foundation’s marketplace.

Price your drop for packs.

Your collectors can collect in packs of three, five, or ten. Collectors of Neurocolor's Death.exe drop collected in packs to increase their chances of winning an animated piece. How can you incentivize your collectors to collect in packs?

Ready to drop?

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