“Jungle Walker” is part of a series called “NailsbyCyshimi” with images and videos of nails I've been producing since 2019. All of them were done at home and the pictures and videos were taken on my cell phone. I try to bring a new narrative, a new world to each set of nails, with the use of bright colors, a variety of textures and forms that can remind people of something that sometimes they can’t name.

In my research, nails are performative sculptures that question hegemonic beauty which is usually static and oftentimes associates decorated and/or long nails as synonyms of exaggeration, dirtiness and vulgarity. They are part of the body that I believe for me, of a body that belongs to me. Nails are historically a symbol of resistance for many cultures and groups of people, generating a strong sense of community and collectivity, in which individuals can even overcome traumas through the almost ritualistic caring of their nails.

Dimension: 896 x 896 pixels
Cyshimi, 2021