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Market Closing
16 Dec 2020
7:00 AM
13d 17h 17m 39s
If you own a token, please redeem it for the digital item, or sell it as soon as possible. After the deadline you will no longer be able to sell or redeem your token.

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This product is priced on Foundation’s “Curved” bonding curve. This curve is the mixture of both the Linear and Hype curves. It gives some more space for early supporters to get in, but then quickly ramps up in volatility halfway through the market.

Starting Price


Market Launched

20 Jul


Addie Wagenknecht

Addie Wagenknecht is a visionary artist, technologist, culture hacker, open-source researcher, and early collaborator with the Foundation team. She has been widely featured in publications from the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal, and her work has been collected by The Whitney Museum of American Art, among other leading institutions. With both conceptual and technical agility, she explores power, networked consciousness, and the anxieties implicit in surveillance capitalism.

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