Drowning Woman

Minted on Mar 26, 2022
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This NFT represents a Drowning Woman in 'The Sea of Azov', the sea that crosses borders with Ukraine and Russia. That is inspired by the war that is currently happening in Ukraine.

The NFT comes with a Full Album - Various Compilation, “The Sea Of Azov” including 6 tracks in total produced by Vis:on, Antimatter Particle, DPMND, LKNV, Amavi, and E S S N S T V, that will be released on the 30th of March 2022. The highest bidder will receive the NFT and also immediately receives the full album that will be free of charge upon winning the auction.

90% of the NFT sale will be donated to charity — ukraine.savethechildren.net

“The impact of conflict on children is devastating and eternal. They are vulnerable to serious physical and mental injury and death, with particular risk from explosive weapons.”

The video animation is made in collaboration with designer Anti Rannus, audio track is produced by Vis:on, named ‘Humanity’.

Curated by Zurbarån - Laurent Becca