Where Did Macy Go? (Episode 6)

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Where Did Macy Go? is an 11-episode animated video told through a series of reports of Macy’s encounter with the epidemic, life during the quarantine, search for his grandfather’s farm and his revival. The video discusses the collapse of old community structures, the emergence of a new community after decollectivization, Confucian obedience vs. social obedience, as well as the new tele-republic of home, “mask politics” and social justice under the pandemic.

In Episode 6, it restores Hugh Hefner’s famous rounded bed in Chicago (which was seen as one of the oldest and most known work-from-home examples) while Macy’s version is hundreds of times more advanced technologically. Macy fits perfectly into the new type of quarantine on this bed where there’s no distance between work, pleasure, production and sex. All kinds of remote communication and electronic devices are connected through Macy’s fingertips to the new immunological community.

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