Yielding Bikini

Minted on Jan 13, 2022
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Fisherian Runaways, Child of #8 Yielding Rub & #5 Burma Bikini. This mushroom is the result of the cross-breeding of two original one of a kind generative mushrooms donated back to the Fisherian Runaways project by their generous owner. The original NFTs were destroyed and this mushroom was made via an algorithmic crossbreeding of their generative DNA. A sibling variation of this crossbreed can be found on the TEZ blockchain (created by zawada.tez / tz1PmBx9EHvsN6fWJhS3zuUzPp8j7jWw4Fd8) and was gifted to the donor of the original mushrooms and proceeds from sales of this piece will be shared with the mushroom donor.



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