Ghosts of Luggard Road I

Minted on Sep 13, 2022
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Luggard Road is a well-known spot for spectacular vistas of Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbor. I set out one early morning in 2018, all too ecstatic to finally cross out my long-time dream of capturing the best view of the city. To my surprise I was instead greeted by thick fog and the only signs of the city below were the very faint glow of diffused light. Downcast, I decided to just go back to my hotel. But on my way out, something caught my attention - the layers of trees peeking behind the fog; I felt as though they were beckoning, trying to speak to me. My instinctive reaction was to photograph them and, on hindsight now, I’m so glad I gave in to my gut feel. “Ghosts of Luggard Road,” an intimate collection of 3 1/1 images, is my own unique take, a memory of my bewildered connection with nature in Luggard Road.