Ribbonfarm Map, 2016

Ribbonfarm Map, 2016

Minted on Nov 9, 2021
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An allegorical map of the milieu of the Ribbonfarm blog circa 2016, representing both broader zeitgeist trends, and idiosyncratic themes and interests being explored by writers at Ribbonfarm and adjacent subcultures over the last decade. The map was an attempt to trace the contours of the Great Weirding, which at the time was just gathering momentum.

The map represents both contemporary historical currents, such as key elements of the culture war, technology trends, and the political landscape, as well as timeless themes of interest to this corner of digital culture, such as the ideas of thinkers like James Carse and Jane Jacobs.

Designed by Venkatesh Rao, founder of Ribbonfarm, with artwork by Grace Witherell. High-resolution JPEG.



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