Composition 08: Barcelona

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A set of suspended objects that are combined together at different angles to isometrically express the feeling of a place. The components, whether architectural or a food or a desert or sounds, shape the memory of the place. They are the reminiscent of the experience of that place. The purpose of this work is to revive the whole memories of a trip the place or delivering it to the visitor as a whole unit in a short time.
In this composition, the city of Barcelona, one of the most Historical and Important cities of Spain and the World, is the subject of the work. The following elements were intertwined to demonstrate the memorable Monumental constituents of the city:
Basílica de la Sagrada Família
Casa Milà (La Pedrera)
Barcelona’s Twin Towers
The Port Olímpic
Olympic Pavilion
San Sebastian Beach
Casa Amatller
Agbar Tower
Hotel W Barcelona
Venetian Towers
Olympic Ring Tower
Park Güell
Camp Nou
La Barceloneta
The Catalan Art Museum
La Rambla District
And more…