Exotic Gravity Equalizer - Z4N-988

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Name: Exotic Gravity Equalizer
Weapon class: Single Handed Pistol
Model: Z4N-988

This weapon was only used by the ruling class of planet Krystal. It uses a small singularity contained inside its casing to fire a beam of intense gravity immobilizing its target by increasing the gravity within a two-foot radius around them. In turn it can also be used to levitate object out of the operator’s way.

 The Gravity Equalizer technology was original scavenged from space debris found orbiting the Blight moon “Arbor”. Their scientists reversed engineered it and miniaturized it to be one of their most effective weapons. 

 Ultimately, the last remaining Gravity Equalizer was lost in battle hundreds of years ago but is believed to still exist. 

Exotic series: 1/1 for the use in the SpaceBots game


  • Future Air Drops
  • Pre Sale Pass for ALL bidders and the winner for the SpaceBots Collectable Drop
  • This weapon gives a large advantage to access in game play
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