The Reclamation

Minted on Nov 16, 2021
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The inspiration for this artwork came from my childhood, I was always fascinated with archaeology and I remember one particular documentary I watched talked about how the worlds largest deserts today are often the biggest deposits of prehistoric whale and shark fossils, as most of those deserts were once vast oceans.

And that fascinated me, that an environment can change so much over time. The idea then came from the thought that maybe one day millions of years from now, long after we're gone, those oceans might return.

The piece, over time has also come to visually represents how I see my own creative mind. I think artists have a unique ability to see beauty in the world that most people miss entirely, and for many, what an artist is able to do, can seem unbelievable.
Even looking back at some of my own work, I have to retrospectively piece together how I did something, even if in the moment it all seemed clear, and simple.