no son of mine

no son of mine

Minted on Oct 10, 2021
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"Well the key to my survival
Was never in much doubt
The question was how I could keep sane
Trying to find a way out
Things were never easy for me
Peace of mind was hard to find
And I needed a place where I could hide
Somewhere I could call mine
I didn't think much about it
'Til it started happening all the time
Soon I was living with the fear everyday
Of what might happen that night"

we all make lots of mistake in our lives.
even if we think it´s the right decision, it often turns out bad.
the thing is, we have to learn from every decision to invest into future thoughts.

this piece is an unique artwork from studio_gov.
a mix of traditional acrylic & digital painting.

man is destructive to himself to protect others?

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