Society of the Void : Chapter Two

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"Are we our memories? Or is there something more?"

Created in the first days of the pandemic, this piece is the second in a series of three chapters, each telling a part of larger story. "Society of the Void" appeared to me in lucid states right before falling asleep. After envisioning each of these works, I would sketch out the foundation of the idea with pencil on paper, then create the scene in 3D and render it out as a high-resolution still image.

Inspired by dealing with a family member with dementia, this chapter reflects on the disintegration of time and internal coherence as memory erodes. The models we use to make sense of our world may become undecipherable, but amidst this psychological deterioration, there is still a beauty and perhaps timeless lived experience that echoes on.

3840 x 4800 PNG D. Wexler 2020

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