Perseids Milkyway Magic

Perseids Milkyway Magic

Minted on Sep 20, 2021
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When shooting the milkyway everything must align, including the moon cycle, ambient light, clouds, moisture in the atmosphere and so much more. There are only so many nights in a year where they are perfect and this was one of those few special nights!

I drove over 7.5 hrs, one way, to Castle Butte in Happy Valley, Saskatchewan in Canada to meet a good friend and fellow photographer to shoot the annual perseids meteor shower.

We stayed up till 4am under incredible crisp clear skies in absolute wonder at the milkyway and perseids meteors zipping overhead, slept for a couple of hours and took in the sunrise before driving home. It's nights like this that breathes life into my soul and re-energizes me.
This image represents all of this one of a kind magic in one special picked and processed shot!
First in the Magic Series!



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