The Ethereum constellation is born !

Minted on Aug 15, 2021
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It was moments after the conquest of the summit.
The girl, happy to conquer the peak and her soul connected to the universe above her, lowered her lantern to the ground and sat by a lake just above. A gentle breeze caressed her hair, a flickering lantern flickered, the quiet sound of the lake waves and crickets broke the silence of the night, another girl was united with the world above her, freedom was all that meant at that moment and place, and with Liberation from the past was looking at the new horizon that was ahead of the way, she was an ambitious girl who could now picture everything that played in her mind without worrying that someone was going to control her thoughts ...
Yes, it was Ethereum who gave her this freedom, and the girl made it a constellation and recorded it across the sky so that this liberation and freedom would be eternal ...