Ethereal Gorges

Minted on Sep 29, 2021
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The Creative Commons 0 License is an amazing equal access initiative to art and I wanted to contribute to it by providing universal access to one of my most treasured works, capturing the rare-sighted gorges of Kargil, India.

The shot captures the secluded valleys of the Lamsu Village, located in the Northern part of India. The barren hills make way for pristine greens that become a part of the farm lands and agricultural sustenance for the locals.

This is my first Creative Commons 0 Licence NFT on Foundation. All rights to everyone once purchased.
All rights will be released to the world after the NFT is purchased.

I, Saahil Rahman grant a worldwide copyright license to download, distribute, and use as wished without any permission needed from the artist or NFT owner.
The license takes effect once the NFT has sold and not before.