The Texture of Chaos

The Texture of Chaos

Minted on Oct 31, 2021
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"The Texture of Chaos" is a new 1/1 edition digital art-work by Ryan Seslow.

The piece was completed on 10/31/21.

Dimensions: 2000px X 2720px RGB

The art-work contains an array of digital painting, illustration and image manipulation techniques that unify and harmonize the composition. I am forever interested in creating hybrid imagery that utilizes glitch, pixilation and dithering aesthetics from the late 1990s - mid 2000's. The process is equally subtractive as it is additive in its layering. Vector shapes and forms and mobile applications are also a part of the works evolution. The final image suggests a passing moment that has been paused. The textures represent feelings both repetitive and familiar as they collide and layer with the new ones presenting themselves each and everyday..



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