lost childhood

Minted on Nov 17, 2022
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What can remind a child more than a toy? Toy and child are almost synonymous depending on the situation.
This photo was part of an exhibition I held in the 90s in the context of a joint effort to help a family build their house.
The place was a slum in the midst of garbage. Not only in a symbolic way, but in a very real way, it represents the reality of many human groups around the world living in extreme poverty and need.
There is still solidarity. Rare and less and less sensitive to real human needs. But there are still people who care.
A burnt toy inside an equally burnt tree cries out for help in several dimensions of our existence as a species.

Canon AE1 program
Canon 70-210/4 FD
Microtek ScanMaker i900
Film Ilford HP5
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